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U.S. SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY is your one stop shop for Youth Sports Photography. We specialize in team photos and action shots for all levels of play.
Immortalize the glory days of your little league or high school team with professional sports photography.

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9th Annual Oklahoma Texas Shoot-Out. 2010
9U-12 April 16-18 / 11u-10u 23-25
Ardmore, OK
All Star Sports Complex May 14-16 2010

Pensacola FL June 30 July 4 2010

We work largely with Little League baseball, football and soccer teams. Our services also include group and individual portraits for teams, yearbooks and memorabilia photos. On-site photography is available in California, Nevada and Arizona.

Here are some of our picture packages starting at $3.00:

We also offer custom packages, a variety of frames and special items. For fundraising we allow you to add up to $2.00 per package. You can earn around $300 - $600, and we will hand you a check on picture day.

In addition we can also provide with coach and sponsor plaques starting at $3.00.


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